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F R E Q U E N T L Y - A S K E D - Q U E S T I O N S (F A Q)

Q. Will this Ball be sold out?
A. Dracula's Ball sometimes sells out, and sometimes does not, depending on a variety of factors. We keep our website and Facebook pages updated to reflect current information on ticket availability. When we grow concerned that tickets may run out, we update that information promptly, even during the night of the event itself.

Q. Why should I get tickets in advance? Isn't it easier to pay at the door?
A. If the Ball is sold out, there may not be any tickets at the door, or not enough for everyone who wants one. Additionally, admission at the door, when available, is more expensive (usually $2-3 more). Those with advance tickets are admitted into the venue first, as soon as doors open. We always encourage purchasing tickets in advance.

Q. I ordered tickets online and they are "Will Call." Where do I pick up my tickets?
A. If you ordered tickets from any outlet and selected "Will Call" as your shipping option, then your tickets will be waiting for you at the venue where the Ball is taking place. You do not need to visit any other physical location.

Q. I went to Digital Ferret / Ticketmaster and they were out of tickets. Does this mean the Ball is sold out?
A. Not necessarily. Sometimes Ticketmaster or Digital Ferret may run out of physical, printed tickets but there may still be admission available at the door. If you wait until the day of the show to try to buy your tickets, you may encounter this situation. If the Ball is completely sold out in advance, our web site and Facebook pages will reflect this. If there are tickets at the door but not enough for everyone, we will update our sites to reflect this.

Q. I saw on the IsoTank site that they offer free shipping on orders of five or more tickets, but when I placed my order, there was a shipping charge listed on my order confirmation. What gives?
A. The software that powers the IsoTank website is unfortunately not quite flexible enough to handle the discount. However, before your order is processed and before your card is charged, an IsoTank employee will manually remove the shipping charge from your order. They've been doing it that way for several years and we have had no complaints.

Q. Your web site says that the Ball is an all-ages event, but in the newspaper/on the Ticketmaster site/by text message from a friend I read it was 21+ only. Which is it?
A. The Dracula's Ball events are always all-ages. There has never been a 21+ only Dracula's Ball and we have no plans to have such an event. As with all information pertaining to Dracula's Ball, our official web site and Facebook page are the authoritative source of accurate information.

Q. I don't drink but I want to hang out with my friends who do drink in the designated 21+ only drinking areas. Can I do that?
A. Only if you are yourself 21+ and have proper, valid photo identification. Nobody under 21 is ever permitted into the alcohol service areas at any time for any reason.

Q. What is the parking situation like in the area?
A. Street parking can be found, and there are also several pay lots in the area. Legitimate pay lots are well lit, signposted, and have an attendant on duty with identification and/or a uniform. As in any city, good judgement should be exercised in selecting street parking. See the Dracula's Ball Facebook page for a parking map.

Q. I am allergic to smoke. How much of it is there at the Ball?
A. Smoking inside the venue is prohibited by law. However, Shampoo nightclub does have an open-air enclosed deck where smokers may smoke. Smoking is also permitted outside the venue. Fog machines are used in many parts of the venue for atmospheric effect.

Q. Can you have a Dracula's Ball event in my home town?
A. Philadelphia is an essential part of our event and it offers many interesting diversions and attractions for people who want to make a weekend-long vacation out of the Ball. As such, despite many kind offers over the years, we have never had a Ball outside of Philadelphia and have no immediate plans to do so in the future. We'll admit, though, that the idea of having a Ball in Beijing is appealing...

Q. I'm worried that I won't fit in at the Ball because I'm (fill in the blank). Will I be alone?
A. Stop worrying and just come out and have a good time. The Ball crowd is very friendly and social, and most of those who attend are interested in meeting new people. It's a diverse group of folks, and the only way you're likely to be alone is if you're....covered in ants, or possessed by the ghost of Elvis, or eating live grasshoppers between sentences.

Q. How do I find Digital Ferret on Mapquest or Google Maps?
A. To locate Digital Ferret, use the address "732 S. 4th St." with a zip code of "19147."

Q. I have a great knight/pirate/soldier outfit with a rattan/plastic/nonfiring longsword/dagger/pistol - can I bring it to the Ball?
A. Looking good is important, but the safety of our guests is even more important to us. For that reason, weapons are prohibited and most replica/imitation weapons are likewise not welcome. There are some common-sense exceptions to this (e.g. an obviously non-functional sci-fi laser pistol). We are well aware that a pair of stiletto heels in the wrong hands can be just as deadly as a fake sword, but we do as much as we reasonably can to provide our guests with a safe environment.

Q. Is it required/permissible to wear a costume?
A. Costumes are always welcome at any Dracula's Ball event. For our Halloween event, we encourage costumes, but they are never required.

Q. May I bring a video camera to the Ball?
A. No.

Q. May I bring a photo camera to the Ball?
A. Yes, if it is a personal camera for your own use. Large professional camera rigs, especially those with bright, intrusive lights, require a photo pass. A photo pass is also required for any professional/press photography.

Q. May I bring a snake / ferret / dog / pocket mouse to the Ball?
A. As cool as all of those things sound, no. Service animals being actively used by the disabled are of course the exception.

Q. I have some very exciting and wonderful goods/services and would like to be a vendor at Dracula's Ball. Who can I speak to about that?
A. Send an email to "vendors" [at] "draculasball.com" with a description of your goods/services, prices, and links to your website and images of your work. We are always looking for new vendors who are offering something that our previous vendors have not had available in the past.

Q. I am a fantastic DJ and would like to spin at Dracula's Ball. How do I go about that?
A. Send us a message on Facebook that includes links to your website and, most importantly, your playlists. We have twelve DJ spots open per year and many inquiries, so we regret that we cannot guarantee a personal reply to each query.

Q. I'm in an amazing band with a great live show. How can we get booked for Dracula's Ball?
A. The best way is to send us a message on Facebook from your MySpace music page. Please understand that we have only four Ball events per year, which means only eight bands slots, and we routinely receive queries from professional touring acts from all over the world. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we regret that we are unable to promise a personal reply to each submission.

Q. I have a question that isn't addressed on your website or in this FAQ. Who can I ask for help?
A. Send an email to "concierge" [at] "draculasball.com"

"Our City" photo by Bob Krist 1999 by Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. "Welcome," "Details" and "Photo Gallery" photos by Kyle Cassidy. "Shopping" photo by Sarah Tweddle. Dracula's Ball logo artwork (appearing on front page) by Wioletta Szczepanska. Dracula's Ball is a registered trademark of Dancing Ferret Concerts.